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Belgian Society of Internal Medicine

aims to foster the development, dissemination, research and education of internal medicine in Belgium.

  • Welcome
  • 19th Annual Congress of Internal Medicine

19th Annual Congress of Internal Medicine

  • 12 Dec 2014
  • 09:15
  • 13 Dec 2014
  • 15:15
  • Medical Campus Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Laarbeeklaan 103, Brussels


Workshops and joint meetings Friday December 12th, 2014

  • General internal medicine
    - Discussion of cases in internal medicine - A. Soupart, slides, W. Meersseman, slides
    - Case discussion in internal medicine: Chronic fungal infection - J. Callenaere, slides
    - Clinicians' quiz - P. Lacor
  • Endocrinology
    - An interactive presentation of cases in endocrine diseases - B. Velkeniers, D. Maiter
  • Emergency medicine
    - Quiz - practical approach in the emergency department towards patients suspected of Ebola - K. Monsieurs, slides
    - Diagnosis and treatment of narrow QRS complex tachycardias - P. Mols, slides
  • Lecture by the winner of "Best Article 2013": Novel insights in the HPA-axis during critical illness - E. Boonen, KUL, slides
  • Nephrology
    - Differential diagnosis of glomerular hematuria - Y. Pirson
    - Treatment of minimal change disease - K.M. Wissing
    - Chronic kidney diseases: the essentials of KDIGO guidelines - D. Abramowicz
  • Infectious diseases
    - Frequently asked questions in infectious diseases: a case driven interactive discussion - D. Vogelaers, J.C. Yombi, slides
    - Syphilis: an ancient disease in modern times - R. Mertens, slides
  • Radiology for internists
    A radiological interactive approach on:
    - variations of pulmonary infections, E. Coche
    - pulmonary manifestations of systemic disease - B. Ilsen, slides
    - evidence based imaging of the abdomen - D. Vanbeckevoort

Plenary Sessions Saturday December 13th, 2014

  • Cardiovascular prevention - G. Van Camp, slides
  • Fever and inflammatory syndromes of unknown origin - S. Vanderschueren, slides
  • Hormonal treatment in women: messages for the internist - J.L. Squifflet, slides
  • Young internist corner
    - EBM II - Casus - S. Van Cauwenberghe, M. De Henau, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - J. Schwarze, N. Bormans, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - P. Schimdt, S. Staessens, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - E. Rijckmans, S. Scherer, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - K. De Groot, L. Deprost, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - M. Depasse, J. Derdelinckx, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - L. Calliauw, E. De Meyst, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - I. Demarcin, L. Fischbuch, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - M. De Maeseneer, J. Baeyens, F. Janssens, D. Philips, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - E. Keuleneer, P. Kinnaer, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - C. Mann, R. Poelaert, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - A. Nous, S. Pijpen, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - M. Pletincx, P.B. Postma, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - D. Van Laethem, G. Smet, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - H. Van Rompaey, A. Van Ravestyn, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - H. Reuter, T. Nonneman, slides
    - EBM II - Casus - T. Van der Stricht, G. Van Stighel, slides
  • Impact of hyponatremia on muscular strength and on the Timed-Up-and-Go test - Y. Gombeir, slides
  • The influence of chronic kidney disease on gut microbial metabolism - R. Poesen, slides
  • Intravascular lymphoma: A retrospective monocentric observational analysis and review of literature - D. Gullentops, slides
  • The implementation of latent tuberculosis screening in Belgium's AIDS reference centers: a questionnaire-based survey - C.Wyndham-Thomas, slides
  • Performance-enhancing drugs in sports - P. Van Eenoo, slides

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