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Belgian Society of Internal Medicine

aims to foster the development, dissemination, research and education of internal medicine in Belgium.

  • Welcome
  • 18th Annual Congres of Internal Medicine

18th Annual Congres of Internal Medicine

  • 13 Dec 2013
  • 14 Dec 2013
  • Medical Campus Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Laarbeeklaan 103, Brussels

  • Workshop of general internal medicine
    • EDEMA in a patient with recurrent respiratory infections - Case Report (slides) - A. Soupart, Jolimont Tubize
    • G. Decaux, ULB
    • The patient with cutaneous blisters: an internists approach (slides) - L. Henckaerts, KUL
    • One problem above the diaphragm and one problem below the diaphragm (slides) - W. Meersman, KUL 
    • B. Couturier, B. Vokaer, I. Stoian, F. Corbusier, O. Moens, M. Arvanitakis, M. Delhaye, P. Eisendrath, P. Demetter, E. Cogan (slides)
  • Endocrinology - B. Velkeniers, VUB - D. Maiter, UCL
    • Amiodarone induced thyrotoxicosis treatment (slides) - A. Tonnelier, B. Velkeniers, VUB
    • Pituitary inflammation (slides)

  • Medical emergencies
    • D. Knockaert, KUL (slides)
    • P. Mols, CHU St-Pierre
    • K. Monsieurs, UA (slides)
  • Nephrology
    • K.M. Wissing, VUB (slides)
    • J. Nortier, ULB
    • Y. Pirson, UCL (slides)
    • A. Pozdzik, Clinique Universitaire de Bruxelles, Department of Nephrology, Hôpital Erasme, Departement of Biochemistry, Laboratory of Experimental Nephrology (slides)
  • Infectious diseases - M. Moutschen, ULg - F. Frippiat, ULg - S. Callens, UGent
  • Neurology - A. Jeanjean, UCL - V. Thys, KUL
  • Lecture by the winner of "Best Article 2012":
    "Embryonic stem cell theraphy for endocrine disorders" - S. Costagliola, IRIBHM - ULB - Chair: W. Meersseman, KUL - Ph. Damoiseaux, CH Dinant
  • Infectious diseases: from HCV to CPE - Chair: D. Vogelaers, UGent - Y. Van Laethem, CHU St-Pierre - Speaker: P. Lacor, VUB
  • ANCA Vasculitis - Chair: G. Moorkens, UA - A. Soupart, ULB - Speaker: F. Vandergheynst, ULB
  • Management of liver cirrhosis - Chair: S. Allard, VUB - Ph. Hainaut, UCL - Speaker: J. Henrion, CHU Jolimont
  • Young Internists’ corner - Chair: S. Allard, VUB - L. Bekhir, UCL
  • Investigators’ award 2013 (4 presentations)
    Chair: B. Velkeniers, VUB - G. Decaux, ULB
    • Uptitration of neuohumoral blockers in hospitalized heart failure patients with reduced versus preserved ejection fraction
      F.H. Verbrugge1,2, J. Duchenne1,2, P.B. Bertrand1,2, M. Dupont1, W.H. Wilson Tang3, W. Mullens1,2, 1Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg, Genk, Limburg, Belgium, 2Hasselt University, Diepenbeek, Limburg, Belgium, 3Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, USA
    • Do high fractional potassium an dphosphate excretions in hyponatremia indicate its accute character?
      J. Van Laethem1, G. Decaux2, W. Musch1, 1IZZ Site Bracops, Brussels, Belgium, 2Erasme Hospitals, Brussles, Belgium
    • Adiponectin and ischemia-reperfusion injury in ST elevation myocardial infarction patients
      S. Vandamme2, L. De Roeck2, B. Everaert3, M. Claeys 1 1University Hospitals of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium, 2University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium, 3Lab Celbiology and Histology, Molecular Cardiology, Antwerp, Belgium
    • Relowering sodium after overcorrection of hyponatremia: save the brain. Cases series and literature review
      A. Soupart1,2, G. Decaux2, M. Coffernils1, B. Couturier 2, F. Gankam 2, F. Vandergheynst 2 1Centre Hospitalier de Tubize-Nivelles, Tubize, Belgium, 2Erasmus University Hospital, Brussels, Belgium
  • What’s new in hypertension - Chair: E. Bertrand, CHBAH - M. Petrovic, UGent - Speaker: W. Van Biesen, UGent
  • Award ceremony and closing remarks - G. Moorkens, UA


S. Callens, MD
UZ Gent

General Internal Medicine
UZ Brussels


H. Yildiz, MD


F. Vandergheynst, MD
Erasme Hospital
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